“[S]tory and atmosphere blend together so well they keep you engaged from beginning to end. That’s because the writing is superb.”
8/10 – OPnoobs

The Ancyra colony was meant to be a testament to mankind’s dominion over the mysteries of space. Now, the halls stand empty, the structures mysteriously abandoned, filled only with the echoes of past…

De-Void is a meditative first-person adventure to unravel the fate of the lost Planet Ancyra colony. There are no easy answers on Planet Ancyra, and it’s up to you to put the pieces together.

You are Elizabeth Woolgather, human resources specialist, sent by an interstellar research corporation to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a remote space colony. Although the station is abandoned, it echoes with the thoughts and emotions of the past. With the help of a protocol unit named Wilco, you will journey across the colony, interpreting the memories trapped within its halls as you move towards an inevitable confrontation with a presence both ancient and impossibly vast.

De-Void is a game for probing players seeking deep, literary exploration. It places you at the center of a mystery both cosmic and human, challenging you to investigate enigmatic environments and interpret what you find. On the surface, it is a meditative psychological tale of humanity lost in the depths space, but beneath the surface lies a complex story of conspiracy, betrayal, and madness.

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Project Discord

The Soviet Union in the early 50’s: the dawn of the Cold War and a new era of industrial power. But what strange work is going on deep behind the Iron Curtain, within the concrete halls and institutions, in the darkest shadows of the Kremlin?

Project Discord is a survival horror game based upon the urban myth of Russian sleep experiments, currently in production by Romanian developer 3D Brothers. For more information, visit the Project Discord website!