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The Future: Taking PulseTense to the Next Level

De-Void’s been out for nearly a month and I couldn’t be prouder. Despite Steam’s revamped review system disqualifying nearly half of our reviews and slashing our aggregate score to “Mixed,” PulseTense’s sophomore release (and my first as Narrative Designer) has resonated with precisely the niche gamers we made it for. The praise for De-Void’s depth […]

A Part and Yet Apart: De-Void, Solarix, and the Anti-Sequel

I played Solarix before joining the PulseTense team. It was a standout title among a collection of indie gems I discovered upon my glorious return to PC gaming, and it stood out because it seemed tailor-made for me. It was unapologetic in its homage to Thief and System Shock, two of my favorite games, and […]

De-Void and The Power of Implication in Game Narrative

Submerged though I am in the preliminary drafts of the next project, I’ve decided to come up for air once again to update this increasingly anemic blog. With all efforts at PulseTense geared towards the imminent release of De-Void, I wanted to talk a bit about our wild-west approach to narrative design in this exploration-driven […]

Between the Lines: Games and Diegesis

It is common practice to think of games, in their narrative capacity, as a purely mimetic form. A game places you in a fictional scenario, in the shoes of a character or characters through which you experience a phantasmal world. You interact directly with a world represented through the art direction, mechanical design, etc. of […]

Found Footage: The Potential for Epistolary Narrative in Games

How do you present a living, breathing universe? ThAll Postsis question confronts all sorts of storytellers to some extent, but perhaps never so immediately as in the realm of games. Indeed, any narrative-driven game has to bestow upon the player the feeling of participating in a world, an organic space with an existence of its […]

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